Client Situation

A prominent biopharmaceutical company had established itself as a premier, global drug developer with successful commercial brands with a targeted and specialized focus on neurological conditions.

Project Focus

Performing a landscape analysis, PAS assessed existing foundations, advocacy organizations and influencers, and through this analysis identified a unique opportunity for the to demonstrate a leadership position.

In particular, PAS pointed out the vast gaps in education, advocacy and access to appropriate health screening for mothers both before and following delivery; and began to develop a strategy to address these ongoing needs.

Project Results

PAS helped position the company and its breakthrough women’s health platform among this fragmented patient advocacy universe that was comprised of independent organizations who had little or no experience in forming collaboration partners.

PAS helped the company meet its goal of unifying this patient population under the umbrella of pre- and post-partum mental health for women and help align all organizations as a single, unified body.

Under PAS’ direction, the company helped create a collective, integrated coalition with working groups to address the unique unmet health needs and strengthen the continuity of care for pre- and postpartum. What resulted was a codified initiative to drive awareness of the unique health/medical needs of this underserved population and help streamline post-partum depression screening with more consistency to optimize maternal mental health outcomes.